A Simple Diet Programme

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A diet menu almost certainly does all the focus on lower calories, so it  should be a taboo yes .. all forms of frying food, fatty side dishes (coconut cream, milk, meat) and excessive carbohydrate (rice, potatoes, corn, etc.). Ooh yes, also … candy, chocolate, pastries, crispy crackers and snacks during the diet should not be consumed.

I remember, I have been following a simple diet plan and the sample menus are as follows :

Breakfast : a slice of white bread and baked spread marmalade (making marmalade does not have to use sugar) and one boiled egg (or half done)

Snacks / snack between breakfast and lunch: one apple or pear (xiang li), or star fruit (star fruit)

Lunch : one scoop pressed white rice, one slice of sweet marinated tofu or soybean (may not fried),  a piece of grilled fish, and small bowl of clear vegetable (spinach)

Snacks between lunch and dinner : same as above.

Dinner : the measure is the same as lunch, but the main dish is replaced by a grill or other cooking liquid which is important not fried or not cook with coconut milk.

Drinking much mineral water (hot or cold, it is up to your taste).

If we are discipline, the results will not be a drastic weight loss but quite good.  I lost 1.5 kg within a month. not bad,  right? ...  
During the programme, you may feel heavy and sleepy for about two or three of the first day but afterwards, it will not be a problem.


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